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Want more from your Trumbull home?  Perhaps your spending more time at home and you feel it needs a freshen up?  Or maybe it needs to be more practical for your needs?

Whatever type or home remodeling you need, you can expect a punctual, seamless project from concept through to completion.  Each remodel is overseen by hands-on management, ensuring the final delivery matches your individual vision and needs.

Our contractors deliver quality workmanship and impeccable designs, because they truly care about each and every client, and doing a great job.  We believe this shows in the many kitchen, bathroom remodels and more that we have completed in the Trumbull, CT area.


What sort of remodel are you looking for?

Need more space but don’t want to move?  Our company have completed dozens of home additions in the area and have the experience to see your project through seamlessly from start-to-finish.

Your home addition project will be overseen by a hands-on-manager and delivered by a team who strive to be punctual and always deliver to your exacting specifications.

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Outdated kitchen? Time for a remodel?

Let our experienced Trumbull remodelers help you get your vision just right with our expert craftsmanship, exclusive materials, and contractors who really care.

CT Home Construction has completed dozens of kitchen renovations for customers in the Trumbull, CT area.  To take a look at some visit our gallery.

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Kitchen is the heart of your home. Everyone deserves a kitchen that is not only functional but looks great too. Unfortunately, kitchen is also the place that endures the most wear and tear.  It only makes sense that so many people upgrade their kitchens so they can spend more quality time cooking and enjoying their families. Whatever you envision for your Fairfield CT kitchen-an ultra-modern space with all modern amenities or a cozy, country inspired kitchen, we are ready to help you bring your project to life.

Imagine a bathroom where it felt like stepping into your own home spa?  For many of us the bathroom is a place to relax, unwind and have some time to ourselves.

Let our bathroom remodelers help you to renovate your space into one that you can fall in love with again, a space that is functional, beautiful and matches the rest of your home.

Our contractors can skillfully design the perfect layout and install modern or traditional looking bathroom features, flooring and elements that make you go “wow”.

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Your basement doesnt have to be a cold, dark and dank space that you dump stuff in.  With our experienced basement remodelers we can help transform your basement into a highly functional, warm and cosy space.  

From a space to relax and entertain to a space to show off wine collections and more, the sky is the limit (or the ground floor at least) in your imagination and our team’s capacity to help transform your space the way you want it.

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Most basements in Fairfield CT are not put to good use. If you want to transform your cold and dank basement into a place that you can actually utilize, our basement finishing services are for you. We can turn your cold and dark basement where you dump your unused stuff into a warm and comfortable space that complements your home beautifully. Our basement remodeling team can transform every inch of your basement, turning it into a highly functional living space.

New Door Trumbull
Windows & Doors

Need to replace your door(s) or windows?  A well chosen door can dramatically change the look of your home.  Afterall it’s the first thing you see when you come home.  

Not only does a new door or window provide energy and security enhancements but it can make a real difference to how you view your home.

Our experienced window and door installers can help you select the perfect options for your budget, matching your home’s appeal perfectly.

Want more information about or window and door installation services? Call: 203-945-6484

Trumbull CT

The historic town of Trumbull is a favorite place of some of our contractors to visit.  We enjoy helping to remodel the sub-urban homes here, often owned by retirees who want to enjoy the time they spend at home more.

Whether your reasons for wanting to remodel your Trumbull home, we can help.

Give us a call today to find out how we can meet your needs!

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