Kitchen Renovation

At CT Home Construction, we work with you to design and deliver you the kitchen that you are looking for. With a variety of kitchen styles, we can create the kitchen that suits you, your family, your budget and your style.

From modern kitchen cabinetry to handle-less kitchens, to traditional kitchens, CT Home Construction will design and install a kitchen that will utilize your kitchen space better, more functional and with an up to date style.

One important part of kitchen remolding is a better utilization of the kitchen space. A popular way to modernize a homes is adding cooking and sink islands to the middle of existing kitchen areas. This addition frees up more cooking space and makes your kitchen more functional.

Our kitchen renovation experts and designers will help you select and install modern kitchen appliances and accessories that will help you cook, refrigerate, and prepare your meals more efficiently. These modern features will also help you conserve energy and reduce your monthly utility bills.

Quality is in every detail that we install from the kitchen cabinetry to the kitchen countertops to the kitchen fixtures that will withstand everyday cooking and food storage use.

Our kitchen remodelers have helped many clients choose the kitchen of their dreams. From modern streamlined cabinetry with handle-less doors and drawers to traditional kitchens with wood grains and polished brass fittings, our kitchen renovation experts will install the perfect style for your new kitchen.

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