Home Additions

Our home addition projects range from add-a-levels to house extensions to 2 family conversions to other building extensions that provide additional living space for your home. We have many expansion options and techniques to improve your current living space.

Need More Living Space?

Add Another Level

This home addition is very popular as it adds much needed living space while keeping your yard footprint the same size. There is less construction involved than a new construction because your property will not need a foundation poured or extra utility work such as installing new drainage pipes. Adding a level will also keep a similar exterior appearance to your home as when it was originally constructed.

Expand Your Home

If you don’t want to go up, and your property space allows, you can expand out. By expanding your home, you can select the specific space you want for that new kitchen, extra bedroom, or larger living room. Although expanding your home includes adding a foundation and may include installing drainage pipes, your living space options are more flexible and you will have more possibilities for any room you need.

2-Family Conversions

Our home renovation services have helped many families convert their house into a 2-family home where they can add additional space for other family members or rent it out for extra income. Our 2-family conversion services include bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and a separate entryway that follows all mandatory local building codes.

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Home Additions