5 Signs Your House Needs New Siding

High quality, well-maintained siding significantly enhances your property’s curb appeal and value. Moreover, the siding protects your home from elements such as extreme heat and cold, debris, pests and inclement weather. When the siding begins to show signs of despair, it isn’t just cosmetic. It also has an adverse effect on the exterior protection and energy efficiency of your home. You also run the risk of exposing your home to extensive structural damage that requires costly repairs. So, it is important to watch out for signs of wear and replace your siding before your home incurs major damage. Here are some signs that its time to replace your home’s siding:

Cracked or warped siding

The most obvious and easily visible signs that your home needs siding replacement is cracked, warped, bulging, or rotten siding. It is a clear sign that the siding is now beyond repair. If the cracks are just superficial and there is still a solid layer under it, you may repair only the damaged portions. However, in case the layer below is also rotten and it gives away when you poke it, it’s a sign of extensive damage. If you see bubbles under the surface of your siding, it may mean that water has been trapped and that you need to replace the siding as soon as possible. It is best to call in the professionals for a thorough inspection.

Fading colors

Discolored or fading sliding could be more than just a cosmetic issue. It’s a sign that the siding is old, has endured too much and is no longer effective as it should be. While you may be tempted to just paint the siding, it would not be a long-term solution. It is best to replace the worn siding with new siding.

Mold or mildew inside the home

Dark and damp places are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you see any visible mold or mildew in your home, it is a sign that there is a problem somewhere. It could be due to a leaky roof, damaged siding or some other issue. The best thing to do is to call in professionals to identify the actual cause of the problem. If there are signs of water damage on the top or bottom of your walls or on the ceiling tiles, it could be due to mold growth behind the walls. Fungus or mold growth on the ceiling tiles is also normally caused by siding problems. It happens when the siding allows moisture build up and it seeps into your home. In such cases, siding replacement is the only permanent solution.

Siding requires too much maintenance

If your current siding requires regular finishing, painting or sealing, and it takes up too much of your time and energy, you may want to invest in new siding that requires less maintenance. For example, wood siding often needs a lot of maintenance but vinyl siding requires little maintenance and is strong and durable.

You want to update the exterior appearance of your home

Replacing your siding can have a huge impact on the external appearance of your home, especially if your current siding is faded or worn. A new siding can instantly enhance the curb appeal and add value to your home. It also improves the energy efficiency of your home and help you save money on your heating and cooling bills.

If you are noticing any of these signs, do not let your siding deteriorate further. Call up the professionals now to discuss your options and get estimates for siding replacement. New siding will make sure your home is protected and looking good always.


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